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 Zhenjiang Dongfang Electric Heating Technology Co.,Ltd was born in December 8, 1992 in Jiangsu Province, Zhenjiang new harbor the outstanding people of the land, in the reform and opening up Chunfengyulu, in ranking Party committee, government 's love interest, in social all circles support energetically below, through all cadre employee long-term hard work, tenacious struggle, she expands increasingly, already entered span development of the fast lane, economy flies!


Two 0 May 18th one one, the company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the gem, shares referred to as the " Oriental Electric ", stock code: " 300217 ", become so far the domestic electric industry's first listing Corporation. The company has been listed, due to effectively address the constraints of part of the development of enterprises " bottleneck ", so there are many promising new change: the development of international and domestic market to seize the initiative,

with many big enterprises and big customer relations of cooperation is more firm; R & D capability to have a breakthrough, new product and new project impetus is flourishing; the rapid expansion of business scale, productivity increases apparently.


      In twenty years, companies rely on scientific and technological innovation to create first-class brand, by virtue of honesty and integrity to make customers, the implementation of sophisticated management to enhance efficiency, the introduction of cultivating high-quality staff consolidation based on the present, focus on cost-effective at the same time, pay attention to social benefits, to repay the society, efforts to achieve social harmony, with love and perseverance, wisdom and sweat, and wrote glowing text. These are across, flies and source of power.


      At present, the company is adhering to the " survive by quality, innovation and efficiency, integrity and development " business philosophy, unite and lead the cadres and staff, for the realization of " create electric leading enterprise, achievement Oriental hundred years brand" of the enterprise development and make unremitting efforts!


      In this, warmly look forward to all levels of leadership, friends, partners, as in the past about Oriental love Oriental, cooperation, mutual benefit, work together to create a better tomorrow brilliant electric industry!


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