Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Human resources management and development of corporate soul. Over the years, the East Electric Company wide rivers, blend of cream, a comprehensive introduction of all kinds of talents, human resources in the development process, adhere to the concept of innovation, system specification, service thorough, solidarity and cooperation, for the talent to create an open, fair, fair work environment and occupation stage, through the internal promotion and external talent introduction phase combination, perfect human resource management mechanism to promote the talent showing itself, to achieve effective human resource development and reasonable configuration, in order to achieve the right people, hillock person, personnel two appropriate human resources management purposes.

Oriental Electric talent view

Talent is the fundamental enterprise development, is the first resource of the enterprise.
Talent is the most precious, precious and scarce resources.
The competition of modern enterprises in the final analysis is the competition of talents. Who has a talented person, who will occupy the market competition.
Eastern Electric, gathered the elite talent carrier.


Talent strategy

Strategic human resources development strategy is an important part of. " People-oriented " is the company's talent strategy of " basic principles, induct a talent, use talent, tarry talent, development talented person " is the core of the human resource strategy.
1) to thirsty, delegate;
2) the people-oriented, appoint people on their merit;
3) human management, give full scope to the talents;
4) occupation development, common development;
5) welfare to keep people, keep people cause.

Human resource management mechanism

Scientific human resource management system is to achieve the fundamental guarantee of company's talent's strategy. The company always adhere to establish and improve human resources management mechanism, formed a "development, competition, incentive, out of" employment mechanism, talents to provide a broad space for the development of occupation.
1) to absorb talent
Nationwide, not to stick to one pattern, talent, Oriental electric companies favor the creative passion of the young talents, through the introduction of market oriented talents' value orientation system, establish a competitive compensation system.
2) use of personnel
Attach great importance to the final work results, is the company's heritage of fine style. Have effect, result, achieve the goal, in the East Electric Company will be continuously improved.



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